Collective buying
of sanitaryware

IncoNed Sanitary is the collective buying consortium for installation companies specializing in sanitary facilities. By consolidating the procurement of products and services, our sector specialists negotiate competitive framework contracts with top-tier suppliers across a wide range of product categories. These suppliers, in turn, benefit from loyal customers, and all parties gain advantages from a streamlined process with reduced sales and procurement efforts. Our data platform enables continuous optimization of the procurement process. 

We support the entire process, from price comparisons to quotation processes, and can comprehensively manage it if desired. But we go beyond that: we organize meetings and knowledge-sharing sessions for our participants and drive innovation by bringing parties together. In this role as a procurement alliance, we contribute to revenue and margin improvement and actively promote the growth and further professionalization of all the companies we collaborate with.

Cost savings

By merging procurement, we save costs for both participants and suppliers, as well as manufacturers. Our data-driven platform offers tools for further savings.

Relieving Burdens

Centralizing procurement takes the weight off participants, suppliers, and manufacturers. Upon request, we also handle project procurement and even the entire procurement process.

Knowledge sharing

As the Netherlands' premier collective buying consortium, we cultivate warm relations with a diverse range of companies, each holding valuable expertise.

Driving innovation

Uniting entities for knowledge sharing and fostering partnerships leads to remarkable innovations in sustainability, technology, and product development.


Our participants are installation companies from all over the Netherlands looking to optimize their procurement process and professionalize their businesses.


IncoNed Sanitary exclusively collaborates with suppliers and manufacturers known for their reliability and the quality of their products and services.

Daniëlle & Werner - Geberit
Geberit, sanitaire technologie en badkamerkeramiek
Daniëlle Maasdam en Werner Hoeve: "Onze samenwerking met IncoNed is gebaseerd op vertrouwen en de wil om samen te groeien."
Censo, Robbert van de Wiel
Censo, al je energiezaken onder één dak
“Inkoopvoordeel op basis van volume, kostenbesparing door advies en sneller verduurzamen.” Censo: collectieve inkoop van gas en elektriciteit.
Eric Slegt - TU
Technische Unie: Duurzaam, optimaal & digitaal samenwerken
"Optimaal gebruikmaken van contractafspraken en kiezen voor geselecteerde leveranciers & fabrikanten. Juist dan haal je optimaal resultaat uit de samenwerking."
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